Funny Windows Phone TV ad targets arguments between Android and iPhone users (video)

Funny Ads Make Brands Stronger. No Joke

Care2 is the largest and most trusted information and action site for people who care to make a difference in their lives and the world. <br>Source:<br><br>

Discovery's New 'Shark Week' Ad: Offensive or Funny? (Video)

You might even hear some of the cliche lines some of us use during said fights. <br>Source:<br><br>

(Video) 7:15 AM PDT 6/27/2013 by Erin Carlson 26 The commercial features a seal getting snatched by a Great White. <br>Source:<br><br>

Chrome Is for Cats in the Latest Funny Chromebook Ad – Video

Comments from online viewers have included: "kmart just saved their company" by one commenter, seemingly approving of the humorous viral video. Another commenter agreed that the ad is a great PR move on the retailer's part. <br>Source:<br><br>

Kmart 'Ship My Pants' Ad Goes Viral, VIDEO Offensive Or Funny? [WATCH NOW]

The latest ads from Chrome UK subtly point out one of the big reasons Chrome and Chromebooks are great they free you from having to use a specific device at a specific location. The "For the Louder Moments" ad, for example, drives home the point that, with a Chromebook, you can take your work with you wherever you can find some peace and quiet. <br>Source:<br><br>

Pink Toyota Crown and The Pigeon-Man Advertise Is Funny [Video]

Their refusal to back down results in a humorous ending. There are no F1 superstars in the second clip below and yet it comes out as the better of the two ads. <br>Source:<br><br>

Is HTC One launch ad funny or mortifying?

Seriously, it starts with a man on a field, holding the hand of what appears to be an old deceased family members ghost. Then it disappears, a sapling is growing out of the earth, a young girl appears next for a second before the action is moved in Toyotown, where we see a pink 2013 Toyota Crown (color which is offered as standard there. <br>Source:<br><br>

VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG shows its funny side

In order to bring a little, well, something to its launch, HTC One created a Funny or Die parody of one of America's most enduring TV artifices, "The Bachelorette." (Credit: HTC/Funny Or Die Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET) Finding true love is as difficult as finding an original needle in a sewing establishment. <br>Source:!<br><br>

Almost immediately, Oreo sent a tweet featuring a shadowy image of its signature cookie accompanied by the witty headline, You can still dunk in the dark. The brand quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, and as of noon the following day the message had been retweeted more than 15,000 times . (Audi ( NSU ) also got into the power outage act by posting a tweet that tweaked rival Mercedes-Benz ( DAI ), sponsor of the dimly lit Superdome.) Even in a category as dull as detergent, humor can steal the show. <br>Source:<br><br>

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