Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Hilarious Ads That Must Have Sequels

Thats where the benefit of having a motor with a turbocharger comes in handy. Hyundais execution was simple and the comedy was easy to understand, but the biggest perk of this commercial is that the company has left the door wide open for sequels to this ad with different scenarios. Instead of having a fat man blowing kisses or a truck hauling nuclear waste, the company can unveil new 30-second commercials featuring all sorts of vehicles that the common driver would never want to get stuck behind. Wheat Thins Night Vision Every company is looking for the marketing ploy that becomes synonymous with their brand, and Wheat Thins may have found the perfect scenario with this main character trying to save his snack by using night vision goggles. After the wife turns the light off and the screen goes black, the loud noise forces the female character to flip the lights back on to reveal her husband attacking a yeti and the neighbor stealing the Wheat Thins. The anticipation of what could show up when the lights come back on each time is something the company could easily play off for an extended marketing campaign. Who wouldnt want to see a string of commercials with the same main character in night vision goggles trying to fend of random mythological creatures in the dark? NFL Networks Leon Sandcastle The best ad of the Super Bowl was NFL Networks amazing spot featuring NFL legend Deion Sanders as the lovable prospect Leon Sandcastle. Which ad deserves a sequel most? Hyundai Submit Vote vote to see results Which ad deserves a sequel most? <br>Source:<br><br>

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