Where is video advertising more effective: TV, Online, or Both

Despite a growing convergence between TV and online video advertising most agencies and advertisers have yet to integrate their online video and TV strategies You cant manage what you cant measure Currently, data and information concerning video advertising effectiveness is highly fragmented and often from multiple disparate, disconnected sources. The metrics of many agencies and advertisers still remain isolated by platformTV and online. Such measures give only a partial, and in some ways flawed, picture of an advertisers overall reach, performance and impact of their video advertising campaigns. The rise of online and mobile video (where mobile is specifically smartphones and tablets), along with all the devices that now deliver full-length TV programs and other premium content, has scrambled the relatively straightforward measurement picture. To address these measurement issues and in response to this changing video landscape, prominent industry measurement services, data providers and research companies like Nielsen, comScore, Kantar Media and Rentrak are fine-tuning their measurement toolkits. They have recently developed device-agnostic technologies, tools and metrics that better link TV and online video data and allow agencies and brand marketers to more comprehensively plan, buy and measure their TV and online video advertising campaigns. Metrics that make sense One movement is to measure web audiences in the same way that TV audiences are measured using gross rating points, or GRPs. An online GRP is an important metric in order to get TV brand advertising dollars to move online at a faster pace since this is the currency buyers are accustomed to. The ability to do an apples-to-apples comparison into the relative impact and success of one medium versus another is critical. It is equally important to combine the two efforts for reach and frequency calculations. That said, an online GRP is not a silver bullet. There are other issues, such as ad visibility that need to be addressed as well. It doesnt matter how engaging your creative is or even how accurate your targeting is if no one sees the ad. Click-to-play placements and ensuring the player is in the viewers field of vision so that impressions are not wasted is of paramount importance. As an industry, it is essential that we provide TV brand advertisers with these assurances. <br>Source: http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/34485.asp<br><br>

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